Welcome to Xinchaoyang for inspection and exchange  Collection

 Release time:2020-10-22 09:45:21      Visits:

On August 23, after the National Cross-Border Summit on Soil Precision Improvement and Fruit Quality Improvement, Xin Chaoyang invited many interested customers and friends to the company for in-depth product technical exchanges.

Yin Gaolin, director of the company's major customer business department, paid great attention to this meeting, and gave an explanation and exchange on the current market prospects of precision soil improvement and the company's overall future development. Then Peng Zhen, the business department director, and Li Yadong, the soil line product manager, introduced the company's three product lines in detail, which were unanimously recognized by customers and friends. Many customers and friends said that they would consider adding more new Chaoyang products into the cooperation plan after the meeting. After the meeting, the marketing director Wang Peng led a group of customers and friends to visit the company’s newly built biotechnology research and development and bioassay center. The center will provide more and better technical support for future new product development, and then lead everyone to visit Set up the company’s biotechnology bioassay test demonstration base to learn advanced planting technology of kiwifruit.

At the end of this meeting, customers and friends are still in the mood. Many customers said that the company's development goals are the goals of our group. "Green agriculture" will be the most correct agricultural road in the future. They hope to accelerate cooperation in the future to provide support for the green development of agriculture in my country.