Botanical pesticide "5% allicin ME (Dati-Allin)"  Collection

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On September 28th, according to the feedback of Italian CBC company: the new Chaoyang plant-derived pesticide bacterial disease control product "5% allicin ME (Dati-Allin)" developed by Professor Claudio Ratti and his research assistant Dr. Enrico Biondi from the University of Bologna, Italy ( Hereinafter referred to as "products") preliminary results have been achieved in the antibacterial experiment in the laboratory. The main purpose of this experiment is to evaluate the inhibitory effect of the product on a variety of bacterial pathogens. The results show that the product has a good inhibitory effect on Xap and Xcc bacterial pathogens.

The Italian CBC company is headquartered in Japan and is a large multinational company mainly focusing on the field of biological control. The business unit started to negotiate with the Italian CBC company in 2014 and has achieved stable business cooperation with "14-hydroxybrassinosterol". At the same time, the business unit has been maintaining negotiations with Italy's CBC company on the realization of multi-product and diversified in-depth cooperation on the new Chaoyang bio-pesticide series products, and strives to further expand the European bio-pesticide market.

In the future, the business unit will further follow up with the Italian CBC company on the field bioassay test of the "5% allicin ME (Dati-Allin)" product in Italy, the compatibility test of the product portfolio, and the evaluation of related registration strategies, so as to realize the product as soon as possible. Official registration and marketing.